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Tunisie Transformateurs S.A', certified ISO 9001 and partner of the Stand-by economic plan, is leader in manufacture of distribution transformers MT/MT, MT/BT and BT/BT, single phase and three phase pad or pole mounted, oil immersed and cast resine transformers. After establishing it's Stand- by economic plan, T.T has introduced the last up-to date Canadian and European technology that provides customers of reliable transformers, which assure the maximum loss reductions and comply with the environmental standards required by ISO 1400. All along 20 years of proved experience and success in the Electric sector, T.T is able to satisfy all customers requirements thanks to the competence of its staff of directors and employees.
Our currency is quality today for employment tomorrow .
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Headquarter : Rue Avicenne BP N° 3 -2021 Oued Ellil-Tunis
Sales departement : 27 Rue Ibn Abi soufiane EL Menzah V-Tunis TUNISIA
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